The Commissioning Committee purpose is to:

  • Raise awareness within the state about construction and commissioning. Create enthusiasm and support.
  • Promote relations between the state and the ship’s crew. Maintain an ongoing connection with the crew throughout the life of the ship.
  • Coordinate activities surrounding the commissioning.
  • Finance appropriate events and activities associated with these objectives. The Navy can only obligate funds for certain activities, such as the formal commissioning ceremony.

We have met our Fundraising Goal of $400,000. That money will go / has gone to

  • Pay for traditional Commissioning Week events
  • Provide upgraded shipboard facilities to improve habitability conditions for the crew and Commissioning mementos for crewwmwmbers
  • Funded the visits to Colorado by crew members during the construction period
  • Donate money to the Crew’s Morale, Welfare and Recreation Fund, create a scholarship program for crew’s family and to provide seed money for future post-commissioning activities.

We seek to maintain an ongoing connection with the crew throughout the life of the ship as she sails the oceans in defense of our nation.

While we are no longer actively raising funds to support the Commissioning, we are gladly accepting funds to support future activities.

USS Colorado (SSN 788) Committee is an authorized 501C3 organization. Contributions are tax deductible to the extend allowed by law.

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