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A question we often get asked is why was this submarine named Colorado. The decision to name the ships lies with the Secretary of the Navy. He talked about the name in his remarks at the Christening Ceremony on December 3rd. So, in his own words;

“… It is also one of my great privileges to name all our ships.  And one of the things I think is important is to make that connection between the American people.  And I think it’s particularly important, as has been mentioned, to connect the Navy to states like Colorado, which may be a little ways from the sea.  (Laughter.)  Colorado has given us Sailors and Marines and Soldiers and Airmen and Coast Guardsmen for years.  The citizens of Colorado have given their sons and daughters in the defense of this country.  And that name should be out around the world telling the story of Colorado.

The last Colorado, as you’ve heard, was commissioned in 1923, but went on to earn seven Battle Stars in the Pacific – Tarawa, Marshall Islands, Marianas, the Philippines, Okinawa.  And after the war, she was assigned to Magic Carpet duty and brought more than 6,000 veterans home to their families.  And now, almost 70 years since the last Colorado was decommissioned, it’s time.  It’s time to have another Colorado, to have a submarine which will carry the legacy and the patriotism of the state of Colorado for decades to come.  She and her crew will carry the American spirit, will carry the name Colorado worldwide.  A lot of times Sailors aboard these ships are the only Americans people from outside this country will ever meet, and they’re great at that job as well.”

Secretary Mabus also payed tribute to the crew who will sail COLORADO and to the Ship’s Sponsor, his daughter, Annie. For a complete transcript of his remarks see Secretary of the Navy Remarks 

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