Welcome to USS Colorado (SSN-788) Commissioning Committee web site. USS Colorado (SSN-788) is the 15th Virginia Class submarine and is currently under construction at Electric Boat shipyard in Groton, Ct. It is expected to be commissioned in October or November 2017. The committee's purposes are to promote awareness within the state, provide support for the crew, and to help organize and raise money for the events surrounding commissioning.

25. March 2016 · Comments Off on COLORADO Passes Pressure Hull Complete Milestone · Categories: KeyEvent

This month PCU Colorado passed her Pressure Hull Complete milestone. That means that all the hull sections have been welded together and the boat will be ready for the water soon. The picture below shows the boat in the construction hall. The enclosures around the hull surround the area where the welds were completed and will be removed soon. Photo courtesy of General Dynamics Electric Boat.

COLORADO Pressure Hull Complete

COLORADO Pressure Hull Complete

28. July 2015 · Comments Off on COLORADO’s Bow Arrives in Groton · Categories: Construction, KeyEvent

The bow hull section of USS Colorado (SSN 788) arrived in Groton on Friday evening, July 27. The story was reported in the New London Day but originally incorrectly reported that it was the bow of USS South Dakota (SSN 790).

COLORADO bow section

COLORADO bow section arriving in Groton

26. July 2015 · Comments Off on COLORADO’S Forward Hull Section Enroute to Groton · Categories: Construction, KeyEvent

COLORADO’S bow hull section was spotted in New York’s East River en route to Groton as reported in the New York Post. With a decidedly New York focus they mentioned that the submarine will not be based in New York! The forward hull section is built by Newport News in Virginia and shipped to Electric Boat in Groton for final assembly. Here are some pictures that they published:

Earlier this year the stern hull section arrived in Groton from Electric Boat’s Quonset Point Facility.

The Virginia Class SSNs are built in a teaming arrangement between Newport News and Electric Boat. Each builds certain hull sections and ships them to the final assembly shipyard, alternating between the two companies.

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